Hong Kong Opensource Conference 2014


Hong Kong Opensource Conference 2014, Hong Kong Science Park, 29 Mar 2014




The first Hong Kong Open Source Conference was held on 19 October 2013 in the City University of Hong Kong, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre. The theme was “Open Web, Open Hardware and Open Data”. 145 attendants came. 24 individual sessions were held from 22 local and 5 overseas speakers. Please refer to our event web site at http://opensource.hk/2013 for further information.


In 2014, we was invited to held our event with co-ordination with the World Internet Developer Summit (WiDS). Together we provided a 3-day programme with Hong Kong Open Source Conference hosting 23 individual sessions were held from 13 local and 18 overseas speakers on 29 March. We tripled the number of foreign speakers and increased the number of attendants by an one and a half. With the anticipation of this increase, we hosted this event in Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. Eventually 228 people came. Please refer to our event web site at http://opensource.hk/2014 for further information.




FOSSASIA 2014, Cambodia, 28th Feb – 2nd Mar, 2014



HKCOTA was invited to the FOSSIA 2014 to give talks about the Opensouce community development in Hong Kong. HKCOTA also set up a booth for the demonstration of the Tinyboy 3D Printer Project.

HKCOTA受FOSSASIA邀請, 出席柬埔寨金邊FOSSASIA 2014的活動. 除了向當地演講分享香港開源社群的發展外, 同時亦展示HKCOTA旗下的Tinyboy 3D Printer計劃.

Photo Credit: FOSSASIA